Insect Screens by aluplast

Bright, airy rooms are good for our wellbeing. But unwanted visitors are not. The best way to keep flies and mosquitoes away is with insect screens. aluplast Insect Screens guarantee excellent transparency as well as top air permeability.

They are:
  • Eco- and health-friendly
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Safe and user-friendly
  • Easily Maintained
  • Elegantly Designed

In response to the Indian market’s needs, in 2015 aluplast launched a line of insect screen solutions developed along with leading industry partners. This fenestration system protects your family from insects and flyers.

Easy to construct, they can be combined with all window systems and work for sliding as well as outward and inward openable fenestration solutions. The well-finished powder coated aluminium frames decoratively complement our stylish range of systems. Integrated Brush Seals between the window system and insect screen system ensure perfect insect protection. The 3plus highly transparent screen material combines outstanding optical properties with excellent air flow. Its discreet black fabric permits brilliant views from inside and is even from the outside barely perceptible. Consisting of an ultra-fine and tear resistant high-tech thread, it allows for sufficient light and air inflow. The fully weatherproof and shape elastic innovative insect protection fabric is available exclusively from aluplast.

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