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Why We Love louvre (And You Should, Too!)

A traditional style experiencing a modern resurgence, Louvre windows have become an increasingly popular choice for Indian home owners. Louvre Windows are more weather proof, easier to operate, and manufactured from better materials than their predecessors. Shutters are not only aesthetically pleasing but are extremely practical. While they can be used in conjunction with curtains they are very often the alternative.

Energy efficient, air ventilation, privacy, natural light & sun filled room, aesthetic and safe are many of the few reasons to love louvre Shutter Windows and Doors. Modern louvre windows are a hot item in new and renovated Indian homes. It is not new to use louvre windows to reduce your home’s energy use. If saving energy, money, or the environment is important to you, then it’s time you considered incorporating louvre windows in your home. Shutters have several generic derivations from ‘Plantation Shutters’ to ‘American Shutters’ and ‘Colonial Shutters’ to ‘Interior Wood Shutters’. They originally formed the barrier between the inside of a building to the outside elements where we would now see a glazed window. The louvres can be tilted at different angles to temper light and privacy.

Shutters will last a life time and more, they will not harbor mites or smell of unpleasant odours. louvre Shutter gives superior protection against uninvited guests, without compromising your views. With the maximum ventilation offered by louvre windows, you can keep your home healthier and cooler.

Made to the highest standards available and all tailored for you, you will find we have the most comprehensive and diverse range of materials and prices in the louvre shutter world. We support and provided the most Eco friendly shutters on the market. Have a look through our huge range of louvre shutters, asks for a free survey on 920 901 0000 or visit at www.bajajwindows.com